What’s the best way to keep your fitness journey on track?  Stay motivated!  Yep, we know this is way easier said than done.  But when you've got a chic gadget literally up your sleeve, we reckon it's totally possible.

I personally find that one of the best ways for me to stay motivated is to set goals and track my progress along the way.  Manually, this can be a bit of a chore - I used to keep a little journal but I'd forget to update it, and it fell by the wayside. That’s why I decided to turn to technology and try out a new Jawbone.  

The first pleasant surprise I got was that the Jawbone mixed fashion and function. White band with a metallic gold twist?  Now we’re talking! Ha ha!

I soon found out that this gorgeous design was actually the brand new version of Jawbone’s old UP2 activity tracker. They have 10 new colours across the UP2 and UP3 models, so you can work it in with your other fashion accessories.

Aside from the expected activity tracking which monitors how much you're walking and moving, there's some pretty nifty features like automatic sleep detection (although so far I've been too scared to look at this on mine as I don't know if I want to know how little sleep I've been getting!) and passive heart rate monitoring.

With the sleep tracking, it measures deep, light and REM sleep, and even gives tips to help you get some better quality shut-eye.  There's also a ‘Smart Coach’, which encourages you to make healthy choices and even helps you celebrate along the way.

If you’ve joined one of our 30 Day Challenges or have been thinking about getting in shape lately, you might want to invest in one of these babies to help you stay on track. Or put it on your Christmas list!

You can pick up the UP2 or UP3 devices from the Jawbone website, or other leading retailers.


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