It’s hot and steamy one minute and then cold and harsh the next so what’s a woman to do in this situation? And no, we’re not talking about an on-again, off-again relationship (hahaha); we’re talking about the very end of Winter right before Spring. It’s the ambiguous time in the season that can’t decide what it wants to be (just like us in high school haha), which makes for some particularly tricky dressing.  

Over the years though, we’ve figured out a few little tricks and looks that will make your transition from winter to spring a whole lot easier. Follow these five simple looks and you’ll be ready to spring into fashion in no time.

Winter is the only season where it’s socially acceptable to wear all black every single day. So when the warmer weather comes around and we can’t wear our favourite colour head-to-toe, we need to slowly wean ourselves off it by adding small pops of colour to our arsenal. We love adding a bright pair of shoes to an outfit, using a coloured clutch or even swapping out our black jeans for a navy pair.



This one is probably the easiest because it’s a simple shoe transaction – swap one for another. Where we would usually wear a pair of over the knee or ankle boots, we just swap the boots for a pair of loafers or mules. So simple but so effective!


Pop your woollen coat into the wardrobe until next winter and take out your favourite denim or bomber jacket for a perfect spring look. Spring is all about layering and transitional dressing so a light jacket is the perfect medium for those sunny but windy days. These are such versatile pieces that they can be worn with a gorgeous dress or more casually, with a pair of jeans and a striped tee


As well as layering, spring is all about keeping it balanced. It’s the key to nailing your spring look. If you’re wearing a dress and a jacket, keep your legs bare so it looks weather-appropriate. Similarly, if you’re wearing jeans and mules, just pair it with a tee on top.

Ladies, silk scarves are back and we’re so excited about it. If you’re an Offspring fan, you’ll notice that Nina has been absolutely nailing the look of wearing her amazing collection of silk scarves around her neck. This is such an easy transition to spring dressing because it still creates the warmth for those chilly days but in a totally spring way!

Are you just as excited for spring as we are? Do you have any tricks for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring? Please tell us in the comments below!

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