Even though I’m a big believer in personal style, a bit of expert advice in the style arena is certainly always welcome!  When you’re constantly running around from one place to the next, changing outfits and basically just trying to keep it all together, it helps to have a few expert tips up your sleeve. 

Stylists always give the best advice about the basic items every girl should own, how to organize your closet and how to avoid buying things you won’t wear.  

I've pulled out the top tips I've gathered from stylists and designers along the way and compiled them here so you can make every day dressing a stylish affair....


There are certain items that everybody needs at least one of in their closet.  Simply because they never go out of style! Quality denim, in blue, black or white, a classic white T-shirt and a good pair of boots should all be closet staples.  Also, make sure you have at least one good-quality white button up shirt!  Simple, classic and versatile, you can’t go wrong!

These are items that are worth spending extra on, as they'll last and also, because they form the base of the rest of your look.


Finally, a way to justify that shoe obsession! Every stylist will tell you that a good pair of heels are an absolute wardrobe MUST (we can’t argue with that!)  The higher the heel, the slimmer you’ll look because it elongates your legs and helps you maintain a killer posture.

Speaking of heels though, I personally feel that it’s the colour that counts.  Go for a black or nude pump or heeled sandal (or both) and you’re sure to always have a pair to match any outfit.


One sure fire way to waste money is to buy clothing that doesn't fit right or simply doesn't flatter!  Don’t get me wrong, I love to get on board fashion trends, but if the clothes aren’t flattering on me it’s just not worth the money!  Shop for your shape and you're guaranteed to love your wardrobe! Also remember that clothes shouldn’t pull on you or cling to your body too much, they should just lightly skim over your body (unless you're wearing bodycon, in which case go tight!)


We’ve all got things that we love about our bodies, as well as others that we don’t… The best way to make sure your clothes always look great is to accentuate your best assets. Show off your toned legs in mini skirts and shorts or define that tiny waist with a belt. Whatever it is you love, work it with confidence and you'll look a million dollars!


This is so necessary if you want to avoid cleaning out your wallet!  The point here is not to make a list of things you want to buy, but rather a list of ten favourite things that you already own.  What this does is it gives you a better idea of your own personal style, which in turn will help you only pick items that you’re definitely going to wear and will slide seamlessly into your exisitng wardrobe.


It’s the age old style battle… where to draw the line when it comes to showing skin.  Well the rules are actually pretty simple. Basically it's the age old adage of if you’re going to show cleavage, don’t show off your legs and if you’re going to show leg, cover up on top!  There are a few exceptions here and there, but this is the basic rule to abide by.    


Those who know me well know that I’m a big fan of being organized!  Not just in life, but in my wardrobe too.  It helps so much to have your clothes all neatly set out and know exactly where everything is.

  1. Get rid of old clothes! Don’t let old clothes waste space and gather dust, especially when there’s someone out there that needs them more than you. One stylist's tip - for every new item you purchase, an old one has to go. Tough, but it stops you from being a hoarder! 

  2. Hang everything you can!  You’ll end up wearing the clothes more if you can actually see them.  When it comes to skirts, pants and shorts, hang them using clothing clips and fold in the sides so the clips don’t crease the outside of the garments.

  3. Organise your dresses! Andrea Rapke, founder of ‘The Organised Move’ has some awesome tips on how to make dress organizing easy.  She recommends hanging them by colour or sleeve style rather than length.  Try going from light colours into dark or from strapless to long sleeve.  Also, never leave your dresses in dry cleaning or plastic bags because the chemicals can seriously damage your clothing. 

  4. Display accessories! I love to keep my bags, shoes and scarves where I can see them. For my purses, I display them neatly on my shelves.  Same goes for shoes.  For scarves,  I like to keep them folded in piles and organised by colour and material.  For hats, use hat boxes. They're cute and practical! Take photos of the hats inside and glue them to the outside of each box so you know which is which.

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Here’s a bit of stylista inspo... 


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