As soon as the summer months hit, my mini-me, Annabelle, is begging to go to the pool and the beach. And as much as I love taking her, I worry about what the sun might do to her delicate skin. I’m conscious of sun damage but I can’t keep her locked up all summer long (ha ha!).

So, the best course of action is making sure that I protect her, and our family, as much as possible.

People often comment on my olive skin and say that surely I don’t need to apply sunscreen – but just because I’m olive doesn’t mean that I’m immune to the sun’s harsh effects. It’s so important to me to protect our family’s skin from sun damage and, of course, from skin cancer.  It’s also important that I set a good example for Annabelle from a young age. I want her to start practising sun-safe habits early on and I hope that she’ll then carry and pass this on with others throughout her life. 

Although she is quite young at the moment, I do try and explain to her as much as I can about sun safety.  Sometimes, this means sitting her down before we head outdoors or to the beach and explaining why it’s so important to look after ourselves when it comes to the sun. Although she gets it, she definitely seems a lot more interested when she gets to copy the big girls!   

That means Annabelle gets everything I get – including wearing a long sleeve tee or rashie, a wide-brimmed hat, and protective kids’ sunnies.  She also has her own mini version of NIVEA sunscreen which she loves to ‘help’ me apply to her skin. 

As kids’ skin is so much more delicate, they are more vulnerable to sun damage (eeek!). So it is super important to me that I use a product I can trust will protect Annabelle from UV rays, whilst also being free of ingredients like parabens and colourants. This one that I use for her, the NIVEA Sun Kids Caring Roll On Sunscreen Lotion, hits the mark. It has an SPF value of 50+ so I know that Annabelle is getting the highest protection.

Many people don’t know this, but dry skin is actually more susceptible to sun damage, which is why it’s really important to moisturise every day, but even better for you to also choose a sunscreen with moisturising properties. Because of this, my sunscreen of choice for mum and dad is the NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Caring Sunscreen Lotion. I love it as it has an SPF value of 50+ and contains Vitamin E, so I know I’m making sure our skin is protected and hydrated. 

To make it even more fun for Annabelle, we sing out a beach checklist when we head out the door, she remembers it by starting at the top of her head and calling out “Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, rashie, cossie, bucket & spade, money for icecream!” and I check them off one at a time.   

I’d love to know how you educate your little ones about sun safety. Leave a comment below to share your stories.

And for more information head to the NIVEA website or Facebook page.    

Always read the label. Use only as directed.