Now if you’re anything like us, the idea of 90’s beauty probably brings horror flash backs of butterfly clips, blue eye shadow and way too much body glitter (let’s be honest though, any body glitter is too much body glitter…) Yep, we were scared at first too!  But we shouldn’t be.

The truth is this old school trend has actually been totally transformed since the turn of the century.  This time round, beauty buffs all around the world are taking the best 90’s trends and making them modern, sophisticated and chic.  Think sultry brown lipstick, sophisticated chokers and cool half-up do’s.  

Think you messed up back then?  Here’s your chance to redeem yourself…


Brown was the go-to colour for lipstick back in the 90’s but then died away a bit by the year 2000.  Now, it’s back and better than ever!  We love the look of a dark brown lippy with a berry tint.  


Back in the 90’s, ‘the fountain’ ponytail was a popular hairstyle amongst celebs like Britney Spears, Paula Abdul and Danielle Fishel (remember Topanga from Boy Meets World?).  The half-up bun is 2016’s cooler, more relaxed version of this trend.  See our ‘Bun Business’ post to learn how to get this look for yourself.  

Chokers were one of the biggest accessory trends back in the 90’s.  This year, models, celebs and fashion-it girls have been spotted sporting the choker in a whole new way.  Delicate string necklaces, velvet chokers and neckties are the updated, slightly less gothic version of this old school trend.  

If you remember the spice girls, you remember accent braids.  This trend was also huge with celebs like Britney, Madonna and Christina Aguilera in the 90’s.  Now the trend has been making it’s way back onto the red carpet in a subtler, more elegant way.

While body glitter and frosted lipstick is a thing of the past, the iridescent makeup trend is now all about highlighter.  Sweep a bit of highlighter over your cheekbones, temples and down the bridge of her nose for an all day glow.  



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