Besides smoothies (of course!), apple cider vinegar is one of our tried and tested favourite health tonics.We’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar for a while now but now that spring has finally sprung, we’ve decided to up the ante in time for summer.

Because we know so many of you want to do the same, we wanted to remind you of the powerhouse benefits of this simple ingredient.

The amount of health and beauty benefits apple cider vinegar has, both internal and external, is incredible. If you don’t drink it already, you will be by the time you finish reading this post! In its raw form, apple cider vinegar not only helps to alkalise your system, but also promotes healthy digestion, cellular cleansing and the growth of healthy bacteria.

Megan Fox is said to drink this daily to assist with weight loss... and with her figure... well, it's no surprise that others want to follow suit.

Plus, apple cider vinegar is a beauty superpower too. You can use it as toner, it helps relieve acne and irritation, you can rinse your hair with it after your regular wash for mega-watt shine (plus it helps get rid of dandruff), use it to remove nail polish stains on your nails, relieves sunburnt skin, helps heal bruises quicker.... and the list goes on!

One thing you can't do is boil apple cider vinegar. You’ll want to use it raw and unfiltered so it’s unpasteurised and retains its original enzymes.

Basically the rule of thumb is, the “uglier” the apple cider vinegar the better. You want it brown and murky as the clear and pretty stuff has been through more filtration processes and has removed the “mother” – the brown strands that rest at the bottom. This is a good bacteria that your body will love you for consuming. You can use it as a dressing over salads, in detox drinks or mix into your favourite recipes for a superfood.

Try out this easy detox drink using apple cider vinegar. We use the below recipe for a tasty alternative (plus, we can never say no to anything with cinnamon in it!).

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