Back to School Fun

Holidays are over, but the fun doesn’t have to be! Make the transition from summer holidays back to school a little easier for your kids with these fab ideas.

Back to School Party

Send out report card invitations and decorate with school colours. Incorporate back to school themed ideas like chalkboards, pencils and other school supplies to decorate. Serve lunchbox favourites and have an ice cream buffet bar for dessert - that will get both little and big kids excited.

Want more? Check out this DIY Back to School Party Pack to help you decorate your next Back to School Party. $18 (approx.) on Etsy.

Say Cheese!

Hold a back to school photo shoot. We love some of these fab shots:

Homework Station

Many kids dread homework, so why not get them involved in making their very own homework station? They can decorate the space and make it their own, opening up a whole new level of creativity and excitement.

We love these fab ideas:

*feature image courtesy of K Photography.

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