Whether we like it or not, winter is well and truly here and so many of you have emailed us asking us how to beat the winter blues. A lot of you have mentioned that no matter how many hours of shut-eye you get or numbers of coffee you drink, you can’t help but feel tired and drained, especially in the afternoon (3:30-itis anyone?!). Not to worry though because you’re not the only ones!

Studies show that our bodies produce more melatonin in winter, a hormone that is linked to light and dark. Because the days are shorter in winter and there isn’t as much sunlight, our bodies are producing more melatonin, making us sleepier than usual. Thank goodness - we just assumed someone had mistakenly switched the real coffee for decaf!

So now that we know it’s proven that it’s natural for us to feel extra tired in winter, we thought we’d share how we increase our energy levels and beating the winter blues across the team at SWIISH HQ.

Spending more of our day outside in sunlight. So if this means, we have to walk the extra kilometre to get our favourite coffee, we’ll do it (anything for coffee!). We’ve also been getting out of our office at lunchtime for a brisk walk around the block.


Having a teaspoon of our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder every morning, whether it’s in a smoothie or on its own in a glass of cold water. In just one teaspoon of this delicious green powder, we’re fuelling our body with a massive dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and probiotics. With natural lemon, herb and fruit extracts, our powder has a tangy, sweet flavour that tastes fantastic and leaves us energised for the whole day.


Keep moving! Just because it might be cold outside, it’s important to maintain regular exercise. We admit that it’s so tempting to stay in bed for the extra hour but we know our bodies will thank us later if we get up and hit the pavement. We find it easier to exercise in winter if we’ve pencilled our workout in our diary and plan to do it with a friend.

Although you might have the desire to stay under the doona all day watching movies or reading gossip mags, there’s nothing like seeing friends and doing something social to get you out of the house and out of your rut! Try something new like going to a local trivia night or hosting a book club with your favourite gals. We also love websites such as Event Brite, which highlight the greatest and latest events in your city. We’ve rounded up our favourite events below that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to go!

Want to eat chocolate to get out of your rut? No worries! Some foods are scientifically proven to have mood boosting qualities, but before you run out and buy a bag of lollies to cure you from 3:30-itis, try dark chocolate (yes, it has to be dark!), green tea, walnuts or grainy bread.


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