Fact: Beautiful skin starts from within. Long gone are the days of creams and serums, as we take our attention to what we eat instead. 

So what constitutes a “Beauty Food”?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and rightly so - the nutrients it’s fed are important. The physiological processes that develop skin require a number of minerals, vitamins, and compounds to achieve their work. 

Some of the main nutrients involved include: 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids 

  • Zinc 

  • Vitamin C 

  • Resveratrol 

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin E 

  • Carotenoids

  • Isoflavones

  • Antioxidants 

  • Prebiotics + probiotics 

Knowing the ultimate eats for beautiful skin is tricky; so we’re doing the break-down for you. Here are our 7 beauty food favourites - you probably don’t expect:

1. Parsley

Vitamin C is natures very own antioxidant - and parsley is absolutely packed with it. 

With up to 3 times more vitamin C than oranges, parsley works its magic through the enhancement of collagen production as it interacts with the amino acids (which are protein molecules) required for this process. More collagen = brighter, smoother, and fresher skin - and who doesn’t want that?? 

2. Garlic & Onion

Vampires aren’t generally known for having “radiant skin” - and their aversion to garlic and onion is to blame!

It seems all anyone is talking about is the effect of probiotics on skin, but what about prebiotics - aren’t they important too? 

While PRObiotics are the living microorganisms that lower inflammation, fight harmful bacteria, and enhance skin complexion, PREbiotic’s are what feed them. Garlic and onions are rich in the soluble fibre inulin, which as a fructan (just meaning it’s made up of fructose molecules) is a prebiotic that feeds good bacteria for healthy skin. 

3. Salmon & Mackerel 

It seems that there’s no shortage of info out there claiming fish (thanks to their omega-3 content) are good for skin. What everyone fails to tell you is which types are best, because unfortunately, not all fish are equal! 

You want fish rich in EPA and DHA, as these omega-3’s are potent anti-inflammatories, also responsible for evening skin tone through their effect on melanogenesis (the process of distributing the skin pigment, melanin).

When choosing fish, wild-caught ensures they’ve fed on natural omega-3 rich food sources in the ocean, with Salmon and Mackerel containing more than 500mg of EPA/DHA per 150g serving.

4. Sunflower seeds 

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin (along with vitamins A, D & K), found at a high concentration in sunflower seeds. 

The vitamin E found in food is the most stable and proves to be far superior to any topical versions. Providing potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Protecting the skin from sun damage, vitamin E is an anti-ageing warrior promoting youthful and glowing skin. 

5. Pomegranate 

Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants - the powerhouse duo of beautiful skin - pomegranates promote skin renewal and provide enzymes that inhibit collagen break-down. 

Pomegranates also contribute to fibroblast production, which are cells that create collagen and elastin (a.k.a glowing skin NECESSITIES). 

6. Oysters 

If every food out there ran a race with their speed coming from zinc content alone, an oyster would be the Usain Bolt equivalent. 

Zinc is present in high amounts within the skins uppermost layer, the epidermis - and is responsible for fighting acne, preventing free-radical damage (such as that from UV rays in the sun!), and facilitating tissue healing.

7. Wine & Chocolate (and of course by that, we mean Grapes & Cacao *wink wink*)

Resveratrol is the excuse on all our lips when it comes to red wine and dark chocolate consumption - but the good news is, these claims aren’t a fallacy! 

The high resveratrol content present in red grapes skin and raw cacao, provides these foods with minerals and antioxidants vital for healing damaged skin. Resveratrol minimises free radical damage, enhances collagen, and reduces the onsets of uneven and dull skin tones. 

All things in moderation, right?