Last month, we shared with you all the SWIISH team’s favourite podcasts and it seemed to resonate with many of you because we had such a phenomenal response to that post. As a lot of our readers are parents, we also got a tonne of requests for the best podcasts for kids so today, we’re here to share with you the best podcasts and apps for kids!

To us, it actually seems quite foreign that kids these days grow up with endless amounts of technology. Without sounding like our parents, but “back in our day” (hahaha we feel so old!), we thought watching television was the coolest thing ever. But now, for a 21st century kid, it’s all about coding, apps, podcasts, tablets and phones!

It completely blows our mind, but nevertheless, at least we can monitor what they’re doing with their technology. We spoke to some of our favourite people who are parents, teachers, friends and grandparents to get the lowdown on the best podcasts and apps for kids and as always, please let us know your recommendations in the comments below!



Kids have a lotttt of questions, like “what is rain?” and thanks to The Beanies, you don’t have to answer these mind-boggling questions again. Episodes are short and sweet to capture your little one’s attention.


Kids radio! What a genius concept. We’re a bit annoyed we didn’t think of this before because it’s so clever. Kinderling works just like any other radio show with different segments, hosts, songs and stories but everything is targeted around children and their schedules. We often find ourselves listening to it even when the kids aren’t around. Love it!


Everyone, including us, loves Sesame Street and their video podcast brings their characters and stories to life every Monday when a new episode drops.


For the older kids, this podcast is exactly as it seems – a podcast where kids talk about books. Episodes are fairly short at around 20 minutes and they feature one of our favourites: Roald Dahl!



Whilst we may never really understand the concept, kids in today’s society are growing up with coding as a part of their vocabulary. Now, we still don’t really know what it means but they do and that’s all that matters. Daisy the Dinosaur is an educational (but fun!) app, where children can learn to code.


Every parent we speak to has Reading Eggs downloaded on their tablet, computer or phone for their child. Not only does it help children to read but it’s all taught in fun and interactive ways like games, activities and songs.


Thank goodness for ABC Kids is all we can say. Not only is this old favourite still on everyone’s television but it’s now on our screens too, and to be honest, we love it. Everyone can always rely on ABC Kids for educational, fun and honest to goodness entertainment.

If our kids are having screen time, it’s comforting to know they are in good hands with these top podcasts and apps! If you swear by any game changing apps or podcasts for your kids, please please please let us know in the comments below!


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