Bedroom Decor For Cool Kids

Creating rooms that grow with your children shouldn't be a dilemma, but with so many different themes, colours and trends it can be a little overwhelming. Don't know where to start? We've gathered a few ideas and tips to help get your creative juices flowing and create the dream room for your little one!

Pair Whites with Brights

So we all know how much kids love colour, but too much in one space can feel overpowering. Using pops of vibrant colours against a clean white palette creates a clean, light and airy feel. A white backdrop in a children's room is an easy way to make the room flow with the rest of the house without standing out too much as a "kid's room." Keep the walls and floors white and have your furniture and accessories pop out! Think wardrobes, cupboards, lamps, rugs, books and bedding all in bright hues.

Sharing Rooms

Whether the family's growing or you just need a little bit of extra space, it's time for the kids to join forces and rooms! Bunk beds, ladders, hideaways.. What's not to love? Here are a few things to consider when turning that single into a double:

Safety when bunking up: think solid. Well constructed beds will not budge or jiggle when pushed. Joints are sound, secure and unexposed. Corners are rounded. Longer length guardrails are needed for smaller kids; a minimum of 5” above the mattress is needed for safety. Style can be anything from flat rails attached to head and foot boards to safety nets to removable rails.

When one space must meet the needs of two genders, a common ground in colour is a must. Go for modern yet gender-neutral tones, taxicab yellow and olive green are a perfect combination!

If your kids are quickly turning into teens and need a little more privacy try a bookcase as a room divider. Paint your divider the same colour as your walls or pick a contrasting hue to create a fun focal point.

swish tip: Have a few extra guests these holidays? Not all bunk rooms have to be built-in extravaganzas. Extra floor space for mattresses and tents equal a bunk room kids will remember.

Wall Art

A feature wall in a kids room is a quick and easy decorating idea. Consider it your backdrop, choose images, print or patterns to reflect the overall feel and theme of the room. Wall stickers are a cheaper option for those who like to redecorate regularly. You can find affordable wallpaper and stickers at Etsy ( and Ikea (

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