You know that feeling you get when you have a crush on someone? The one where you’re weak at the knees and you can’t think of anything else? You spend your days dreaming about your future life together instead of doing that Excel report you’re supposed to be working on? You know the feeling?

Well, we have that exact feeling about a colour. Yep, we have a big old crush on the colour blush! The light and feminine hue is really the perfect alternative to any neutral that you might already have in your wardrobe as it pairs so nicely with so many other colours. Black, navy, grey, white and olive green? Tick, tick, tick, tick!

Not only is blush taking the fashion world by storm, but we are seeing it in homewares and interior design as well. Soft pink front doors, blush velvet lounges and quilts are adorning humble abodes everywhere, and quite frankly, we can’t get enough.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to style this stunning shade below.


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