I absolutely adore spending time with my mini-me, so I’m always super excited when I can find fun, creative activities that we can do together.  And while I like to think I can keep the ideas coming, let’s be honest – the creative juices aren’t always in ample supply.

I know I’m not the only busy mum that has this problem.  That’s why I just couldn’t wait to share with you my awesome new discovery that will ensure you never run out of fun ideas again.   

Box For Monkeys is a unique little company that makes boxes full of fun, creative projects that never, ever get old.  Why?  Because when they’re exhausted it, they just get a new box!  Let me explain…

When you sign up to Box For Monkeys you receive a brand new box full of kids activities every single month.  Each box contains something to explore, a recipe to cook, a craft activity to make, ideas to create, a music activity to enjoy, a game to play and a book to read.  How perfect is that?

For me, this is a total-gamer changer when it comes to toy time. Parents I know are always saying that they reluctantly end up giving their kids the iPad when they're out of activity ideas. Or that they don't want to buy yet another doll for their kid, so that they can try something new and different. With ‘Box For Monkeys’ kids stay interested and challenged. Winner!

Head to for more information on boxes and subscription prices.


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