There’s no doubt that over the past year or so, smoothies and juices have been the ‘it’ health trend to try.  Recently though, celebs have been seen sporting this trend – minus the mason jar.  Instead, it’s on their nails, around their eyes and slathered on their lips.  Yep, looks like juice inspired shades are the next big thing – and we are on board.

There are makeup shades the colour of goji berries, kale and any other superfoods you put in your Vitamix.  On top of this, more and more skin, hair and body products are being infused with powerhouse ingredients like cranberry seed oil and kale extract.  Welcome to the juicy beauty revolution… 

Blueberry and blackberry shades look best on your nails and paired with a nude or brown outfit.  Go for an ultra lustrous shade with a bit of shimmer for a seriously stunning effect.  


There’s nothing like a warm, peachy tone to give your face an instant outdoorsy kind of glow.  Use a matching eye shadow to create a soft, feminine look.  

There’s just something about that rich, reddy-purple colour that’s so stunning yet a little moody and mysterious.  Not to mention, you can make it work for just about any occasion.  

Mint and kale inspired shades are the perfect way to brighten up your eye area.  Try smudging a minty-green eye pencil along your lash line for an ultra fresh look.  While anyone can try it, this shade looks particularly amazing with brown eyes.     


Lemon and pineapple shades have typically taken a back seat in the makeup department, but now it’s their time to shine!  Go for a matte yellow-gold eyeshadow with rich colour pigments for a totally show-stopping looking.  


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