Britax BOB Stroller

You know those car ads on tv that show some new ute that can pull a ten tonne tractor whilst wading through dangerously deep water and dodging falling rocks, and then be just as good at maneuvering through tiny city streets?! Well - I’ve found the stroller equivalent! No really, I have. Let me introduce you to the B.O.B Britax Revolution SE

I was invited to attend the B.O.B Britax high performance stroller range launch here in Sydney a couple of months ago, and I'm so glad I went along. We were put through our paces in a mini boot-camp with celebrity trainer Shannan Ponton, who as a busy parent himself, showed us various ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine using the stroller. So that pretty much now means that there are no excuses on the fitness front - my 2013 health kick can end up being that much easier to maintain. Plus Annabelle loves it (but hey, what’s not to love when you're being pushed around all day?!) 

As a Britax B.O.B ambassador, Shannan is clearly a huge fan of the range and with his fitness, nutrition and health knowledge, it's easy to see why - the Revolution range features three strollers for every type of parent and can tackle any terrain - from crowded city sidewalks to rocky running tracks, meaning you can work on getting your pre-baby body back as you push bubba around.

The B.O.B Revolution range features the Revolution SE (my choice, perfect for active weekends and city-living), the BOB Revolution SE Duallie (double pram) and the B.O.B Ironman (as tough as it sounds! It's one for the serious runner, off-road and tough terrain tackling). They feature a swiveling front wheel which is GOLD because it makes moving round shops that much easier, so for shopping addicts (like me!) it’s a must-have.

The accessories and features on this range are fab too:

  • Snack tray to keep your little munchkin fed and occupied whilst you browse the shops? Check!
  • Travel bag to stash all the necessary items in when on the go? Check!
  • Weathershield for when the rain hits? Check!
  • Plus the two-step folding process makes putting this in and out of the car a breeze. 

For more information, visit You'll also find tips and tricks on training from Shannan Ponton himself on the site.

I’ve included some snaps from our mini-boot camp session with Shannan and a few of Annabelle and I loving the Revolution SE.

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