If you're after a flawless finish with your makeup, quality products are pretty important. But that's only part of the story. If you don’t have the right tools, you can't get that makeup artist touch.  You could have one of the best foundations on the market but without a good brush, you’ll never be a true contouring queen!

If you aren't sure where to start with brushes, we understand. The options can be overwhelming. And whilst you might think any old brush will do, that isn't the case. There are unfortunately plenty of poor quality, hard-bristle brushes on the market (you'll know if they're hard bristled just by touching them). They might not cost a lot and get you thinking you can save your dollars for a Chanel shadow instead.  We get it… those bargain brushes at the chemist, or let's face it, the freebies that come with your eyeshadow, can be pretty tempting.  But the reality is, they’re costing you more money in the long run.  Investing in great brushes will actually end up saving you money because they can be used for years.


We’ve tried and tested a number of different brush brands over the years but out of all of them, Glindawand takes the cake.  These brushes have a luxe, professional feel. With 24ct gold-plated handles, hand-made specialty fibres and carefully crafted designs, Glindawand brushes are easily some of the most beautiful brushes we've ever laid eyes on. Plus, they just never seem to show any signs of wear.  The bristles are just as super soft as they were the day we picked them up.

Which in some ways is to be expected considering the founder, Jacquie Hutton, is one most sought after hair and makeup artists in Australia.  This talented lady works for all the major TV stations in Australia but is also in high demand for movies, music videos and photo shoots and has celebs across the globe turning to her for makeup advice.  So we think it’s safe to say when it comes to makeup tools and techniques, Jacqui knows her stuff.

What we love about Jacqui is that she truly is dedicated to helping you get the very best out of your brushes.  She’s even included step-by-step video makeup tutorials on the Glindawand website.  Which, by the way, are so worth checking out.  You’d never guess you could get such a pro quality finish sitting at home in your own bathroom! 

Head to the Glindawand website for more info and to purchase some of these incredible brushes for yourself.