It’s no secret that team SWIISH love their coffee - in fact, I’m sure we alone keep the local baristas in business! You can say that our daily brew is kind of sacred for us and you definitely don’t want to mess with what’s perfect, right?

We will always have room in our hearts for our beloved skinny piccolos, but lately, we have been having a much more energising and refreshing type of coffee. We know what you’re thinking, what could be more energising than caffeine?!  Well, the name’s bulletproof. Bulletproof coffee. And the coffee itself is a combination of espresso, butter and coconut oil.

At this point, maybe some of you have spat out your coffees in shock. BUTTER? IN COFFEE?! BLASPHEMY! But rest assured, bulletproof coffee is actually the creamiest, frothiest coffee you could ever imagine. This is done by whizzing the coffee, oil and butter in a blender until it emulsifies to a thick, rich brew.

But the real reason we’re doing this is for the health benefits. Using unsalted grass-fed butter and coconut oil, these “power lattes” nourish your body with omega-3, while keeping you energised and satisfied until lunchtime. Plus they taste good too! You have to trust us on this one; it’s definitely worth giving it a (coffee) shot!

Lots of cafes are now serving bulletproof coffee but you can also make it at home. If you’re not into coffee (who even are you?!), you can get the same benefits by trying a bulletproof matcha recipe, which is as equally as delicious.
Our favourite bulletproof recipes to make at home are:

Are you a bulletproof coffee fan? What recipe do you use? We’d love to know in the comments below.


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