If there’s one thing that can make you run faster, bike longer or swim farther, it’s music.  No seriously – it’s true!  Research has shown that music distracts you from the pain and fatigue you feel during exercise. Not to mention it's a total mood booster that can make activities seem easier, which often leads to a longer workout. Yassss!

Think about it – have you ever arrived at the gym only to realise you forgot your headphones?  You’re annoyed, and you start to reconsider whether it’s even worth walking into the gym.  Yep, we’ve been there!  It’s because when it comes to working out, music is like the fire under your feet.  It gives you energy, it drives you and best of all, it makes working out fun!

When it comes to picking the perfect workout song, there are plenty of factors that come into play.  It’s either got to have a good tempo, a powerful beat or super inspiring lyrics.  Even better if it has all three!

Here’s a list of songs that always gets the SWIISH team in the mood to move…  What are your favourite workout songs? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear (pun intended) what music you enjoy moving to.

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