Do you remember when you were a kid and each year used to seem like an absolute lifetime? But now that you’re older, the years go by so quickly that you’re always surprised when a New Year rolls around?

That’s us and as each year starts and finishes, we always say to ourselves that we need to treasure each and every moment with our loved ones, especially with children. The saying “they grow up so quickly” is one that is absolutely correct!

Although we can’t stop time from standing still (if only!), what we can do is appreciate the moments we have and to treasure each and every memory. Although it has its flaws, we absolutely love social media for this reason, because it allows you to look back on what life was like one year ago, three years ago or 10 years ago!

Recently though, we were sent one of the most thoughtful and treasured gifts we have ever received that certainly beats the photos we post on social media. Sarajoy is an artist (and a very talented one) who took three of our most loved Instagram photos and turned them into the most gorgeous illustrations. There’s two of Sal and Marcus with Annabelle and Elyssa and one of Sal and Maha together.

What we admire most about Sarajoy is her incredible bravery and resilience. You see, Sarajoy had a corporate job that she left before starting her own business doing wedding invitations and stationery. But then life happened – in the form of a baby and an aggressive form of stage three breast cancer – so Sarajoy stopped it all to focus on her family and health. While spending hours and hours in hospital waiting rooms (a feeling I know all too well), Sarajoy began doing little drawings of her family and friends. What originally started out as a bit of fun to pass the time has now turned into a full-time creative outlet. 

Have you ever seen something so thoughtful and heart warming? We were literally bursting with joy when we saw the final pieces. In the age of digital and social media, it’s so nice to have a memento that we can frame and hang on the walls to treasure our favourite family moments.

Sarajoy can custom illustrate single, couple or family photos for you and we promise that her illustrations will be the best memento of your loved ones. You can contact Sarajoy here or to see all of her illustrations, you can follow her on Instagram here.


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