If you couldn’t already tell, we are suckers for anything stylish, practical and affordable for little ones.

Who says grown ups have to have all the fashion fun?! One of our favourite brands for kidlets that ticks all these boxes is the very cheeky Chi Khi, founded by our gorgeous friend, Nat Bassingthwaite.

Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe and the Kardashians (just to name a few!), love Chi Khi just as much as we do because their kids all wear the well-made designs too.

Nat is beautiful inside and out and so are her two adorable children, so when she couldn’t find any stylish clothes that catered to her littlies’ sensitive skin, she decided to create her own line. The ultimate boss babe right there!

The very playful and very cheeky Chi Khi was born with everything made out of bamboo or cotton so it’s sensitive to delicate skin. Just a little warning though: your kids will most definitely look cooler than you in their Chi Khi gear as everything is unisex, urban and monochromatic. Ahhh if they only made their famous onesies in our size haha.

We may be biased but don’t you think our little Elyssa Rose is just the cutest Chi Khi model?!

If you want the best-dressed kids on the block, you can head to Chi Khi’s online store here. Your kids and their skin will thank you!


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