Closet Clean-Out

Nothing says “springtime” to me more than a good ol’ fashioned wardrobe clean-out. It’s a chance to pack away the winter coats and jumpers you won’t be needing for a while (hurrah!) as well as a chance to see what you already have from last summer that you should keep and wear again, what you should store away for the next time that trend comes around, or otherwise what you should donate to charity.

When I first started doing regular wardrobe clean-outs, I wasn’t all that effective (“I’m sure taffeta balloon skirts will be back next year!”) but over time I have learned to be much more ruthless. What I am left with is a smaller, edited collection of basics and key pieces that I know I will get the most wear out of.

So I start the culling process by asking myself:

- Have I worn this in the last year?

- Do I still love this cut / colour / fabric?

- Am I comfortable in it?

- Does this fit me right now?

It’s easy to hold onto clothes for sentimental reasons, or for when you lose that last 3 kilos. But trust me, you will feel better for being able to actually see what is in your closet and give your clothes a new lease on life when they are paired with some cool accessories.

Here’s the process in action and my closet after I was done. What do you think?



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