Clutch Away

I've got to say – as much as the swiish team loves us an oversized bag, we just keep coming back to the clutch. You know I’m more than just a little obsessed with clutches. You’ve seen me carry them here, here and here.

Whether sleek and minimal or outrageously adorned, this little purse will never overwhelm your look. Here are swiish’s must have clutches for this autumn.


From Baroque-inspired to tribal to classic pearls to dangerous studs, these bags are like handheld jewellery. A statement, sure - but definitely one worth making.

Cold Weather Clutches

As the cooler months draw in, you’ll be buying more cosy knits and faux fur items. Why should your bag be the only part of your wardrobe that doesn’t change with season? We love clutches with furry or crocheted details - if only for the snuggly feeling we get toting them around!


Want something a little more polished? Whether completely metallic or with Gatsby-esque gold accents, hardware clutches epitomise modern glamour and add edge to any formal outfit.

 Our top picks: 

Star Mela Lali Embellished Clutch – ASOS, $93.34


Olga Berg Knuckle Duster – Miss J Audrey, $79.00 


Olga Berg Bead Embellished Clutch – David Jones, $139.30 


Faux Fur Clutch – ASOS, $38.89 


Printed Leather Clutch – Seed Heritage, $99.95 


Endless Love Clutch  – Princess Polly, $60.00 


Bling Box Clutch - Events, $59.95 


Jasmine Perpsex Box Clutch – Princess Polly, $30.00

For more inspiration, check out our clutch gallery: 

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