Have you ever thought about painting your ceiling? Nope, we hadn’t either, well besides, you know, white. It’s pretty standard practice to have a white ceiling so it doesn’t clash with the wall colours or furnishings, but you know what? We loveeeee the look of a coloured painted ceiling.

If you are brave enough to paint your ceiling, firstly, please pass some of that bravery onto us and secondly, the key to having a painted ceiling without it taking over the whole space is to keep the colours subdued and subtle.

If you reeeeeally did want to go bold, then we suggest going even bolder and painting the whole room the same colour. Yep!! If you have an incredibly dark colour (say navy or forest green) contrasted against stark white walls, it can make the room look and feel boxed in, whereas if the whole space is painted the same daring colour, it will actually have the opposite effect by making the room seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Otherwise, it's best to stick to pastel shades and keep the walls white.

We’ve rounded up our favourite painted ceilings below and who knows, next time you pop around to our house for a cuppa, you might find yourself in a room with a millennial pink ceiling. Works for us!


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