Its official - cold and flu season is upon us.  And while we’re happy to break out the big coats and blankets, we’d rather keep the tissues stashed away.  Because although most of us are pretty used to the common cold, that doesn’t make it any less annoying - not only for ourselves, but also for our families and co-workers who inevitably end up sharing the germs too. No thank you ha!

Colds and flus are SO inconvenient.  Especially when you’re as busy as we are - between family, work, social activities, exercise and generally running around - everything is impacted when you're sick.  That’s why this year we’re taking action.  Instead of spending all our energy fighting off the flu, we’re doing all we can to stop it before it even happens.

How?  Well, aside from sticking to the age old rules of rugging up in warm clothes and chowing down on vitamin rich fresh foods (and smoothies), we’ve also added one extra super-powered step to the routine – olive leaf extract.  If you haven’t heard of it before, olive leaf extract is a supplement that harnesses the immune boosting power of Oleuropein, found in olive leaves.  According to scientific research (and our own experience) olive leaf extract is awesome at preventing and reducing the severity of cold symptoms and fighting fatigue. YES! It has seriously been a game changer for us in how we stop ourselves from getting sick.

We personally love Comvita’s Olive Leaf Immune Defence because it’s the only product in Australia that contains both olive leaf extract and vitamin C. And as we all know, Vitamin C significantly reduces the severity of colds.  So basically, you get two super supplements in one.  Woohoo!

We keep a jar of Olive Leaf Immune Defence in the office and at home. It comes in capsule form, so it literally takes less than 2 seconds out of your day to take it – 2 seconds you won’t regret.  

You guys know how we love our double-duty products.  On top of the flu-fighting benefits, olive leaf extract can also help maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, along with a healthy cardiovascular system.  How great is that?  

Okay now for the best part… You guys can get your own bottle for 25% off. Yep!  All you’ve got to do is register and use my special discount code – SALLY25 – at the Comvita online checkout to receive your discount on their Olive Leaf Immune Defence or High Strength Olive Leaf Extract capsules.

Comvita’s Olive Leaf Immune Defence has been launched just in time to help everyone battle the dreaded cold and flu season.  It’ll be available at selected pharmacies across Australia, so keep an eye out!  In the meantime, you can check out the Comvita website for more information.

 Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner.