Cool Kids' Bedroom Accessories

Your child’s room is a great place for them to explore their personality and style. Annabelle is already telling me what she does and doesn’t like! Instead of spending money on styles that go out the door all too quickly, I like to invest in great accessories.

Accessories are a perfect way to introduce a trend into a room without having to transform it all. Whether your child is tech saavy, extremely girly or an avid reader, we have some great picks that will add a little zing to their room.

Hanging Seat, $149.00, IKEA

Create a place for your kid to hang out and relax with this hanging seat. Throw some funky cushions over the top and watch your young one sit and read for hours.

Robot Clock, $65.00, Hard To Find

We instantly fell in love with this robot clock. It's so cool that your kids will love to tell the time. Made completely out of sustainable bamboo, this clock is a great addition to a robot lover’s room.

iPig, $49.50, Crazy Sales

If your child loves listening to music, then the iPig is a very cool iPod docking station. The iPig produces remarkable sound quality and is super easy to operate.

Stackable Tetris Lamp, $39.99, Think Geek

We’re not sure who would have more fun with this lamp, your little one or you! Regardless, it’s a funky way to add colour, fun and light to the room. It comes with 7 stackable pieces that light up once they are joined. Sounds like fun to us!

Chalkboard Decal, $58.00, Wall Candy Arts

Chalkboard wall decals are a great alternative to the traditional mobile chalkboard. It gives your young one a great place to draw without taking up any additional space or making a mess. When they’re done, the chalk wipes off easily with a wet cloth.


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