You may have noticed over the past few months (because we definitely have) that crystals are are everywhere! (Kimmy K's new fragrance - we're looking at you). Whilst some may think using crystals is a little crazy, others swear by them for their positive energy and the immense benefits they can have on the body and mind.

Because we are all for positive energy around here, we wanted to deep dive further into the world of crystals to find out what they do and why they are important. If you’re someone like us who has seen them all over Instagram but have no idea what they do, why they’re beneficial or where to buy them, this post is for you. 

Here’s our guide on crystals for you and hopefully once you’ve read it, everything will be crystal clear! (Hehe we couldn’t help it!)



This is probably one of the most popular crystals (and one of the prettiest!). Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love and peace whilst purifying the heart. Rose quartz raises self-esteem, restores confidence and can be used to heal a broken heart. You can display Rose Quartz in the centre (heart) of your home or bedroom. You can also carry Rose Quartz around or wear it as jewellery.


Clear Quartz is the MVP (that's 'most valuable player') of the crystal world and the master healer. It amplifies the energy and thoughts of other crystals as well as aiding memory and storing information. Clear Quartz can heal the immune system and bring a sense of balance and calm. Due to its versatility, Clear Quartz can also be paired with other crystals in the home. Place Clear Quartz anywhere in your home that you feel needs good energy, for example, a Clear Quartz cluster in the living room can create harmony to your family and home. 


Another popular crystal is the Amethyst, which rids negative energy from a room and be used to treat addictions of any kind (from drugs to shopping addictions). Amethyst can aid sleep, cleanse blood, immunity, skin conditions, cellular disorders and metabolisms. Put Amethyst in your living room or study, or carry it in your pocket.



Citrine is associated with creativity and wealth and focuses on business and leadership. Citrine aids confidence and personal power, and can teach you how to manifest prosperity. Citrine can stimulate digestion, increase blood circulation and balance the thyroid. Place Citrine in your home or carry it in your pocket. 

To reap the positive benefits of crystals, you can head to the following online stores:




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