Dancing With The Stars: Week 3

I kind of can't believe it, but I have made it through to Week 3 on Dancing With The Stars... Believe me when I say it definitely hasn't gotten any easier (though it is still a lot of fun) and each time I have to dance I'm still as nervous as ever. 

This week was particularly emotional. The theme for the show was 'Memorable Moments'. Each of the contestants had to choose a song from a time in our life that really meant something to us. I didn't have to think that long about it - immediately I went to a song that really helped me fight through my breast cancer battle - 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson. I still get super emotional as well as fired up when I hear this song. It brings back so many memories and so many mixed emotions.

Carmelo, being the amazing dance partner he is, choreographed a beautiful tango and incorporated a pink ribbon into it so we could make the pink ribbon symbol and really show how much it means to me to have been able to come through cancer to where I am today.

I'll be honest, I struggled a lot over the course of the week. Doing this dance brought back so many memories of being diagnosed, the fear I felt about losing the fight and leaving Annabelle without a mum. But most of all, I was just really worried that I wasn't going to be able to do the story justice. By that, I mean that I didn't want to trivialise what many people with cancer face every day - and that's the fight of their lives - with a dance that I, due to my lack of skill, wouldn't be able to express into a beautiful story.

I almost managed to get through the whole dance without crying but at the end was a little overwhelmed by the emotion I was feeling and got a bit teary. I honestly had so much fun performing such a heartfelt dance and can't thank everyone enough for sticking by and supporting me during such a difficult period in my life. 

As always backstage was lots of fun and despite the nerves we all had plenty of laughs! I was so happy that my little monkey Annabelle could down to Melbourne with me as well as my beautiful mum and gorgeous sister Maha. It was actually Annabelle's 2nd birthday on the night I performed so although she was tired and tucked up in bed back at the hotel knowing that I would see her later on made my night! Also a big thank you to my stunning friend Erika Heynatz who was also able to be in the audience cheering me on! 

Please keep voting, so that we can raise much needed support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can call 1902 55 77 10 or text 'SALLY' to 191 777. 

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