From frayed hems to ‘mullet’ cuts to rips, patches and tassles, statement denim is having a moment.  This trend has been spotted at so many 2016 fashion shows and snuck its way into street style pics across the globe.  Whether you prefer deconstructed or decorated, this is one denim trend that’s blowing up big time.

While your standard pair of stiff, buttoned-up jeans can be super boring, that totally torn apart, mauled-by-a-wild-animal style is the opposite extreme.  This new statement denim trend, however, provides the perfect middle ground.  Plus, we love the way it adds a unique, edgy feel to any look.  

From Faith Connexions hand-painted denim, to Vetements famous ‘mullet’ cut to Stella McCartney’s DIY patch style, 2016 denim is all about finding that little extra oomph.  Here are some of our favourite ways to sport the style…  

There’s just something about the raw, simplistic feel of unhemmed jeans.  This style is huuuge at the moment so it’s easy to find at most of your favourite denim stores.  We’re loving the way Alexa Chung has paired hers with a silky slip top and dark green blazer for a totally on-trend look.

From jeans to jackets to cute denim vests, 70’s style patchwork is making its way back into the fashion world.  We love the look of these high-rise patchwork jeans paired with a silky shirt and heels.  

DIY style patches are all over the celeb fashion scene at the moment.  Stars like Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid and Demi Lovato have been spotted wearing patches on their denim, jackets and bags.  Team your patched up jeans with a simple shirt or jumper and heels for a look that is both chic and unique. 

Who would have thought frayed denim could look so stylish?  Not to mention, totally fashion-forward.  We love frayed hem jeans paired with black ankle boots and a matching coat for a chic winter look.  


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