Struggling to switch to a natural deodorant? We know... it’s the pits. Find out why a face mask for your underarms is the answer you need.

If you’ve ever had a peek at the ingredients on your deodorant, chances are you couldn’t pronounce a single word on the list (sound the warning bells please!). 

Parabens, phthalates, aluminium - these are just some of the toxins that are packed into deodorants all in the name of smelling good... but at what cost?

Often overlooked, this area of the body is coated with chemicals every day - so up next on our detox “to-do list”... UNDERARMS.

What is a “deodorant detox”?

You know how everyone loves a good clay face mask? Well, a deodorant detox works much the same - only instead of your face, it’s for your armpits! 

Believe it or not, the odour that comes from underarms isn’t the sweat itself, but rather from bacteria breaking protein down in the armpits close to apocrine glands (a.k.a “scent glands”). 

Deodorant detoxes help “reset” the body’s reliance on harsh chemicals to stop smell, allowing it to sweat naturally - without the excess protein breakdown.

Why else do I need a deodorant detox?

  • Eliminate odour caused by bacteria and protein breakdown

  • Aid the transition from your usual deodorant to a non-toxic version

  • Reduce the buildup of harsh chemicals and carcinogens on your skin 

  • Increase the duration and efficacy of natural deodorants 

  • Draw out impurities from the skin


How do I do a deodorant detox?

Let’s break it down shall we…

  1. Get your hands on The Armpit Detox

  2. Clean and dry your armpits… or just have a shower!

  3. Squeeze a small amount of ‘The Armpit Detox’ onto your fingers and apply a thin layer to dry armpits.

  4. Read, relax, or just chill out for 10-15 minutes while it dries.

  5. Repeat this process for 7-14 days and VOILA! You are officially detoxed. For maintenance, it is suggested you do a deodorant detox once a week or as needed.



2. Okay - so I’m ready to do a detox, can I use a deodorant at the same time?

Yes, you can use deodorant at the same time. In fact, a detox is the perfect time to start using a natural, non-toxic deodorant as your body begins to eliminate toxins.

3. What should I expect from the detox?

WEEK 1: You wouldn’t expect to see or feel many changes. 

WEEK 2: This is when majority of the odour-causing bacteria is expelled from the armpits, perhaps making you a little more sweaty and stinky than usual… But don’t give up there! In a few days the result will be worth it, we promise!

WEEK 3 & BEYOND: After your detox, bacteria will begin to reside, moisture levels under the arms will normalise, and your body will begin to regulate itself with the natural deodorant.

4. So I’ve done my detox, what deodorant should I be using?

A 100% natural deodorant that ticks all the boxes below. 

 NO Aluminium, Parabens, Alcohol or Nasties

 Made from only natural and organic ingredients

 Enriched with Probiotics and Magnesium

 Blended with essential oils (not artificial fragrances!)

 Neutralises body odour naturally

 All-day freshness and protection 

 Doesn’t stain on clothes

 Vegan and Cruelty-Free

 Australian Made and Owned

Can’t find a deodorant that does all of the above? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our two clean SWIISH favourites for you to use...






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