Here at SWIISH, we’re big believers in the idea that even the smallest lifestyle change can make the biggest difference.  Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going to bed an hour earlier or drinking one super green smoothie every day – it all adds up!  Because although these little efforts don’t seem like much at the time, if you keep them up, there’s no denying the results.

This is the philosophy we wanted to keep in mind when we were designing our new SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder.  We know how important good nutrition is – but we also know that getting enough of the good stuff into your daily diet isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be.  That’s why we’ve specifically created this powder to be a delicious, fast and easy way to get all that goodness in one go.

With a mouth-watering blend of over 40 super powered ingredients, including those all-important green veggies, probiotics and superfoods, this powder is designed to keep you functioning at your peak.  With such a concentrated mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, our SWIISH DELIISH powder helps to improve vitality, increase energy, boost immunity and aid digestion. So what does all that mean? One teaspoon helps you detox, de-bloat and get a massive shot of energy - naturally!   At the same time, it helps to alkalise and revitalise your entire body.   

We've been working on this powder for two years. If that sounds like a long time, it is. But we knew that we had to get it right. Not only did we need all the right ingredients in the right amounts to help boost health but also - almost as importantly, we wanted it to taste AMAZING. 

During the research stages of designing this powder, we discovered that one of the key reasons people give up on nutrition products is because they taste horrible.  This wasn’t surprising to us.  Most of the green powders we’ve tasted so far either need to be sweetened or  they're sickly sweet, or they just kinda taste like dirt and we need to hold our nose when we drink them. 

This is exactly the reason why our SWIISH DELIISH powder has been designed to be, well… DELIISH!  Giving it it's fresh and refreshing taste are the lime, herb and fruit extracts. What does it taste like? Pine-lime. Yep... yum! In fact, our favourite way to drink this powder is mixed straight in with water.  This is great because it also means we end up drinking more water throughout the day.  Your taste buds keep going back for another sip!

So we’ve already mentioned this powder has over 40 different ingredients but of course, it’s important to know what they are and why they’re so good for your health.  Below, we’ve put together the full list of ingredients in our SWIISH DELIISH powder, along with just a few of their primary benefits…

When we first did taste testings of our Super Green Superfood Powder at The Good Food and Wine Show, the feedback was resounding. We had produced a small batch to take to the show and everyone who tried it bought it on the spot. Which was great - but we sold out!  Everyone was genuinely impressed (and a little shocked) that a powder with so many greens and superfoods could taste so great!  We were so excited that everyone loved it as much as us! And now we have officially launched it, so that you guys can get your hands on some too.

Head to the SWIISH online store for more info and to try our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder for yourself.