Dinner Delivered

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? I know I do – between work, family, friends and all the rest I often find myself getting to the end and struggling to find the time to cook.

Luckily, mastermind and masterchef, Janel Horton, has picked up the pots and pans and whipped up the phenomenal Gourmet Dinner Service.

Not only is this super delicious, fresh and easy service a perfect solution for cocktail or catered parties, it’s also a fantastic way to stay fed, nourished and healthy mid-week.

Offering mains, petite meals, sides, desserts and diabetic or special diet meals delivered straight to you door, there’s every reason to try these fresh and uber delicious meals.

Our top five picks include:

Arabian beef slow-cooked with almond & tahini...

Salmon teriyaki ... Portuguese piri-piri chicken

Thai spiced pumpkin soup ... lemon tarts

For more information or to place an order online visit, Gourmet Dinner Service

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