The Dirty Dozen

I'm a fan of buying organic produce when and where I can - there are heaps of reasons to do so if it's at all possible.  Not only are you getting pesticide-free produce, freshness and arguably increased vitamin and mineral content, you also get a super-fresh, wholesome taste.

For me, I've always bought organic, free-range eggs and chickens. Ideally, it would be great to buy all organically grown or raised food, but let's face it - it can get pretty pricey.

We've done some research into the foods that are important to buy organic if you can... Here's all one dozen of them - and why they're best if bought from organic sources. Here's to happy, healthy eating! 



These delicious summer staples are unfortunately the most prone to absorbing pesticides due to their thin skin. 



Apples are also one of the most regularly sprayed fruits on the market. Being susceptible to more than 30 insects and at least 10 diseases, producers are vigilant in their spraying to yield a good crop. 

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These visually appealing sweet treats are generally sprayed heavily with antifungal chemicals to combat insect attacks during transport and storage, and to keep them looking fresh for sale.

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In order to avoid splitting and leaking, which inevitably leads to the attraction of bothersome fruit flies, growers rely heavily on fungicides.

Cherry Tomatoes

In a recent report into the pesticide levels in commonly bought fruits and vegetables, an international study revealed that there was on average 35 pesticides found in these tiny toms. 

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Due to the popular nature and subsequent high demand for potatoes, growers are known to spray the root veg up to five times during its growing cycle to ensure high yield and ward off any potential sprouts or moulding. 

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Any blemishes can render this superfood unsaleable, and because the outer leaves are not removed before sale, growers are known to favour the technique of insistent spraying.

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This fridge staple can be one of the worst for soaking up unwanted pesticides. Be sure to wash thoroughly if your lettuce isn't organic to remove any nasties. 





Unfortunately, this bright and versatile veggie is the perfect breeding ground for cheeky little pesticides to accumulate in the creased crown. 



Due the fragility of the spinach leaves, they are optimal for soaking up a lot of unhealthy pesticides from the soil.

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The soft skinned nature of the long stalk makes celery one of the most susceptible to absorption of sprayed chemicals.


Unfortunately this super healthy veg has been revealed as harbouring up to 68 pesticides on a single cucumber & wrapping it in plastic doesn't help. I always go for organic, unpackaged cucumber. Better for my family and the environment. 

swiish tip: You'll often find great local, organic produce at your local green grocer or farmer's market much more affordably. Visit to find a local market near you! 

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