DIY: Distressed Denim

Rips, rips, rips. They are everywhere! I love this huuuuge trend in denim and for me, I reckon the bigger the rip the better. But you don't need to fork out hundreds of dollars on a new pair of ripped boyfriends - you can simply DIY. Love that.

Yep - now when your jeans start looking a little worse for wear, you can bring them back to life with a few strategic tears and you'll be bang on trend. 

Here's how to DIY:

What You’ll Need:
  • An old pair of jeans 
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety pin
  • Small wooden block
What To Do:

  1. Starting with the biggest hole on your knee, try on the jeans and mark out where your knee is with a pencil or safety pins. 
    2.Placing something underneath the first layer (to stop it from ruining the other side of your jeans), grab a pair of scissors and snip a thin hole on the knee. 
    3.Use a sandpaper block to fray the hole and to add more tears around it. It’s best to rub the block in different directions to get more of a distressed look.
    4. You can also choose other areas of the jeans to distress, just make them smaller so the feature is at the knees (around the pockets is a good place).  

swiish tip:

Throw your jeans in the washer and dryer after you’re done distressing them. This will bring out the frayed areas and make them look more obvious!

*DIY courtesy of rue Daily

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