DIY: Grow Orchids

I absolutely love flowers (who doesn’t?)! Most of the girls in the swiish office live in small apartments, however, so we don’t have the space to grow big plants or flowering shrubs. The alternative is to find gorgeous flowers we love that can be easily grown indoors.

Cymbidium orchids are a beautiful flower that can be found in a range of colours including white, pink, orange, red, yellow and green. Unlike other species of orchids that can only be found in tropical locations, the cymbidium orchid will grow in most mainland capital cities and coastal areas, so you can spruce up your home with a touch of colour!

Orchids are most commonly grown and sold in pots and Yates have a specially formulated potting mix designed for orchids, that can be purchased at your local supermarket, nurseries and hardware stores. It’s a special blend of coarse composted bark and it provides open and free drainage, which is essential for orchids to thrive.

So what else do you need to know in order to grow these beautiful flowers for yourself?

Well, what we love about these cymbidium orchids is that they’re both glamorous but also very hardy at the same time. The flower spikes will easily last for six weeks with the main flowering season being from late autumn to spring.

In order to grow your orchid successfully, make sure that you keep it in indirect sunlight. The perfect spot is somewhere bright, warm and airy. The plants need moisture all year long, and you should increase watering and fertilising between spring and autumn. Slow release plant food can help your orchid to grow, we like Osmocote for Pots, Planters and Indoors and Yates Orchid Food.

Happy planting!

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