DIY Mini Greenhouse

Terrariums can be used in so many ways to decorate your home, as a centre piece in the dining room, on a desk in the home office or on a console table in the hallway. If you love the idea of having plants in your home without the worry, terrariums are for you!

While large, dome-shaped terrariums are the most popular, the choice is endless: goldfish bowls, kitchen jars, vases, mini greenhouses, pepper grinders, bottles and even light bulbs. Let your creative imagination decide what works best for your home.

Hanging Terrariums

A cluster of hanging glass terrariums is an unexpected and lovely addition. Try hanging small glass planters from your patio beams; they look fantastic!

Centre Piece

We absolutely love this little terrarium, made with a cake stand! It makes for a perfect centrepiece and goes to show you can have a garden just about anywhere!

Time to DIY!

Moisture-loving, low-growing plants are ideal for terrariums: African violets, baby's tears, silver net plants, ferns, begonias and succulents. Creeping fig is another good choice.

We found this fab DIY from t2, using a clear glass teapot as a terrarium. Genius! 

What you need:

  • Glass teapot (we used one from the T2 Glass range)
  • A small amount of potting mix
  • A selection of small succulents & cactus


  1. First we put a small amount of potting mix in the bottom of the teapot
  2. You can put some pebbles at the bottom to optimize drainage
  3. Separate some of the bigger plants and arrange them in central spots in the teapot with spaces for the little plants in between – remember it should look good from all angles
  4. Lightly press in the roots as you go
  5. Then fill in the gaps and spaces close to the edges with the small buds
  6. To finish off, give it a little water, clean any stray dirt off the glass and put the teapot lid on
  7. With just a little water every so often your new terrarium will be wowing guests over and over! also offers a wide selection of terrarium supplies and DIY kits.

Here are some terrariums that caught our eye! 

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