A suspended floral arrangement hanging over your dining table or in the corner of your bedroom is such a simple, gorgeous way of showcasing your favourite flowers. Creating a suspended arrangement can be a creative outlet, letting you mix and match glass containers and flowers in whichever way you choose.

The best bit about this kind of DIY is that you can find so many places in your home to place these stunning arrangements - dangling under the verandah, clustered over a dining table or simply hanging from the edge of a shelf. Inspired? Thought you might be - luckily we've mapped out a super easy DIY so you can have your own floating floral arrangement.

Here's how to get started...

  1. Choose an assortment of small vases, test tubes and/or glass jars. Feel free to mix it up. However, it’s best to go for containers that are fairly small and light. Most importantly, make sure the container has a lip, so that you’ll be able to tie twine around it without the container falling through. Your local two-dollar shop probably has an array of cheap and cute glass jars and an op-shop would be a great place to pick up some affordable little vintage vases. 

        2. Using twine, tie a secure knot around the lip of your container. You can string a couple of coloured beads onto your twine as another cute little touch.

          3. Then, pop some flowers (with or without water) into your vase/jar and find a place to hang it. You can place hooks onto your ceiling and hang the vases from there, but if you want something less permanent you just need to get creative with what you have available. Hanging them off bookshelves or kitchen shelves are great, or simply off one of those 3M removable plastic hooks (from your local supermarket) stuck to a wall. Done!

See our gallery for more inspiration: