Failproof Hair

Having a bad hair day? These styles will have you looking polished and out the door in no time!

Donut Bun

Running late? This quick and easy style is a chic classic.

What to do:

  • Purchase a hair donut, like this one from ASOS, $11.67. You can buy these in different sizes too.

  • Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

  • Thread your ponytail through the middle of the donut.

  • Lean forward a little so that your ponytail hair splays over the donut making sure it is completely covered.

  • Find a place at the front of the donut and start to curve your hair around, tucking it under and pinning it into the donut as you go with bobby pins.

  • Keep curving and pinning until all your hair is done. 

Wraparound Loose Pony

This is the perfect style for second day hair.

What to do:

  • Give your hair a good brush.

  • Spray some on some saltwater spray to get a little bit of texture. We like to use Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, $15.99.

  • If you prefer your hair to look more sleek, go over it with a hair straightener instead.

  • Sweep your hair back and collect at the nape of the neck.

  • Separate a thick strand of hair from the rest.

  • Loosely secure the large section of hair with an elastic into a ponytail.

  • Wrap the remaining strand around the top of the ponytail, covering the elastic. Once wrapped, tuck remaining strands into the elastic.   

Last resort headband

When all else fails, slide on a headband. These babies take your look effortlessly from work to the bar. 

What to do:

Shop the look at Lovisa, Sportsgirl and Forever 21.

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