Let's be Frank. If you're a regular Instagram user (which most of us are these days), then you will likely have stumbled across a lot of gorgeous, glowing faces who have embraced Frank. Frank Scrub, that is.

And there's a good reason why there are so many big fans of Frank. This baby helps to get your skin clean and scrubbed all the way to a soft and smooth glow. It's also ALL natural - yep, no nasties at all, just beautiful ingredients including coffee, coconut, mint and cinnamon. So as you can imagine, it also smells A-MAZ-ING (who doesn't LOVE the smell of coffee!?).

I've loved using the body scrub, so I was pretty excited when I heard Frank Body were releasing a face care range too, which includes a creamy face scrub, gentle face wash and a richly absorbent moisturiser. 

They’re full of all Frank’s usual, natural and lush ingredients, except they’re just a little bit gentler to cater to the more delicate skin on the face - think freshly ground coffee, white clay, rosehip oil, green coffee bean extract and marshmallow root.  I’ve been using all the products for the last week and am addicted!

The Frank Body Face Range is definitely a new favourite here at SWIISH too because it fits so perfectly with our luxe for less motto, at around $20 a pop. If your tired winter skin is in need of a little TLC, Frank style, head over to Frank Body to try the range our for yourself.