It's winter and for many that often means feeling too cold and tired to muster up any motivation to exercise (I know, I've been there). But getting out of bed to burn calories and sweat it out is much easier than you think if you’re having fun!

And whilst Australian winters aren’t exactly on par with the Arctic Circle, we know it can be super hard to motivate yourself when it's cold and dark out. Here at SWIISH HQ we are sharing our top ways to be active and have fun at the same time. Who needs a gym membership when you can have this much fun working out? Sign me up already!


Not the organised sports type? Put on your dancing shoes! Dance classes are an incredibly fun way to get fit, and there’s a genre for everyone: salsa, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, ballet – you name it! Our favourite? Dancing in the dark at No Lights, No Lycra.


While triple axles might not be in your repertoire, recreational ice-skating is a great way to get your heart pumping to warm you up in the winter time. As you get better, try skating backwards – it’ll do wonders for your toning your legs and abs!

Aerial yoga

If you're in need of a good stretch then aerial or anti-gravity yoga as it's also known is for you! This fun, full-body workout is a mash-up of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus. The inversions will really decompress your spine and you'll walk away feeling refreshed, light, lithe and relaxed. A definite must-try!


Who doesn’t love trampolines? Did you know that 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 mins on the treadmill? Whoa! This aerobic workout will strengthen muscles and is low-impact anti-gravity, which means it’s easier on your joints than pavement pounding and as an added bonus it brings out the fun-loving kid in you!


Remember the glorious days of skipping as a child? Well, skipping not only guarantees a fun time, but this full-body cardio and plyometric workout will strengthen muscles and bones while improving coordination.

Team sports

It’s so much easier to motivate yourself when an entire team is counting on you. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, rowing or netball, you’ll be more motivated to turn up to training and games. Plus, the social and competitive side of the sport will totally distract you from the workout itself.

Trail rides

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned expert or have never even gone near a horse – trail rides are fun and cater to all abilities. Scenic trail rides are perfect for groups - so grab a bunch of mates. Plus, horse riding engages almost all the muscles in your body and is a great way to get up and close with nature.


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