Get A Great Butt

There’s no doubt that some of our favourite swiish celebs like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez work hard to get their curvy behinds looking hot. But if you want to look bootylicious too, we have a few simple exercises to help you, so that you can put that other Middleton sister to shame!


  • stand with feet shoulder width apart, and toes pointing out
  • squeeze glutes and tuck tailbone under
  • bend at the knees and lower your body into a plie squat, as low as you can go without your knees going over your toes
  • as you bend, raise your arms to shoulder height with palms facing down and hold for 2 seconds.
  • return to start position. Continue for 20 reps.

Explosive Lunge

  • stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • lunge forward with left leg until knee is bent at 90 degrees directly over your left ankle, with your right knee pointing straight down towards the floor
  • jump straight up switching legs mid-air so you land with your right foot forward in the lunge and left knee pointing gown toward the floor
  • continue for as long as you can alternating sides as you jump

Single-Leg Squat with Towel

  • stand on a smooth surface such as tiles or floor boards with feet together, and a small towel folded under right foot.
  • shift your weight to your left leg and bend your left knee between 45 and 90 degrees while sliding right foot steadily out to side as far as you can
  • slowly bring right leg back to start position and straighten left leg
  • continue for 15 reps then switch legs

Squat Kickbacks

  • stand with feet shoulder width apart and squat down holding for one count
  • as you stand up raise your arms straight out in front and lift your left leg straight behind you
  • lower your arms and bring your left leg back to start position
  • repeat motion for right leg
  • continue switching legs with 15 reps for each

Straight Leg Lifts

  • Lie face down on your bed, a sturdy table, desk or ottoman with your hips on the edge of the support and your legs hanging off
  • keep your legs straight and hip width apart
  • slowly lift them straight behind you, squeezing the muscles in your bottom as you raise them
  • hold them for 2 counts, and then lower them back to start position
  • continue for 15 reps

 As well as working your butt, you’ll find that these exercises will also help you tone your lower back, core, thighs and calves which will assist in your fitness levels and balance. Now get to it and tighten that tush!

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