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OMG, it’s July. Yes it feels like the cold weather will never, ever end but on the other hand I’m thinking – hang on… there’s 2 months until Spring. Have I sustained my new year’s resolution for a major health and fitness kick?

The answer is yes - I am working hard to get fit and healthy again. Between regular workouts with my trainer Ash from Flite Fitness, and my decision to do Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program, I am definitely giving it all I’ve got.

But I’ve always been big on mixing things up on the exercise front so as not to get bored and so that my fitness doesn’t plateau after getting used to a certain exercise routine.

That’s why I love doing new workouts, like the one developed by celeb trainer extraordinaire Ramona Braganza. Ramona has developed a routine that’s quick, effective and can be done at home, which is fab for those time poor amongst us (i.e. all of us!)

But if the bodies of Jess Alba, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson aren’t enough to convince you of the success this simple exercise regime, then Ramona Braganza’s own toned body will. An ex gymnast, cheerleader and past fitness contestant, Braganza knows what moves to do, in the space of your own home and when you only have a small amount of time each day, to achieve ultimate results.

Here is a step by step guide to achieve your ultimate weight loss goal, and to do so using Ramona Braganza's 321 workout:

Step 1: Cardio

Ramona cannot stress enough the importance of a bit of cardio before your workout to get your heart rate going. Now don’t get too turned off by the term – by cardio, she refers to only a few minutes of an intense form of cardio that will suffice as the first step of your work out. She suggests changing it up every now and then to give your body a different feel every time and to prevent boredom. It could be as simple as jogging on the spot, dancing on the spot or our choice, skipping.

She recommends three minutes of skipping, however if you’re a first-timer and you find 3 minutes is too long you can always start with one minute and work your way up each time. It is also great to include fun variations such as fake jump rope (put the skipping rope away) and change it up – side to side, jumping with knees together etc.

Step 2: Circuit

Step two focuses on a bit of strength work and targeting your front, back and legs. You should do three different exercises for this step, one for each body section. She recommends push-ups for the front section to strengthen both arm and chest muscles. You can start by bending your knees and doing 5 – 10 push-ups.

As you get stronger, increase the reps. Remember to keep your back straight and to push your whole body weight as close as you can to the ground. Once you have confidence in your power and your technique, aim to perform them on your toes and challenge yourself.

For the back section of your body, a great work out is the wall flattener. Perfect for those who work at desks or computers for several hours a day, this exercise stretches and strengthens your back through one easy movement. To perform the exercise, put your back and arms up against a wall at a 90-degree angle, slightly bend your knees and squeeze your shoulders together. Note: your back is not flat on the wall, it is meant to be slightly arched. Once you have mastered the main stance you slowly work your arms up and then back down again. It is a simple movement that works the back specifically but you will also feel your abs and your legs at work. Plus, it will give you great posture!

The final stage of step two focuses on the leg area. What better way to work both your legs and your tush than by doing squats. The squat action imitates sitting back into a chair, while you squeeze your bottom. It is important to keep your back straight and to perform each bend slowly and correctly. Completing 10 reps is a great start and you can build on that number the more you perform the routine. All these aspects of the circuit step help build stamina and focus on different areas to give you a full body workout.

Step 3

This final step focuses on one of the hardest areas to tone, the core. Braganza knows how much potential the mid section has in being toned and looking fabulous. We will be able thank our friend the plank for giving us amazing stomachs and potential ab lines. On your elbows and toes, lift your body up into a straight line. Ensure your body is completely straight and hold the position for one minute. You can then add some variations such as side planks or twisting planks to carve the love handles away. This is a great way to complete your workout and feel fab for the rest of the day.

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