These days, everything has to be customised.  We’ve got monogrammed bags, engraved jewellery, personalised candles, cushions and phone covers.  At various points in time, you can even get your name printed on coke bottles and giant jars of Nutella.  Yep, it’s a thing…

It’s pretty clear that personalised polish is the way of the future.  That’s why we we’re not surprised to see that this customisation craze has finally crept into the beauty realm.  How?  With personalised nail polish, of course! 

This cool creation is the brainchild of beauty brand ‘Say It With Polish’, which offers customers the choice to purchase custom polish by choosing from a collection of quotes or fully personalising their own.  You can then gift them as unique, memorable gifts, give them out at events or even sell them in your store.  How awesome is that idea?

Some of the quotes we’ve seen on bottles so far are “you nailed it,” “I’ve got 99 problems but my nails ain’t one,” and “dream big.”  We’ve also seen some more personal ones with messages like “he put a ring on it,” “happy birthday” and “be my bridesmaid?”  You can basically say whatever you want!

We just thought this idea was way too cute not to share with you guys.  I mean, how great would these be as a gift?  Or even as a party favour?  We might even do a few for Christmas!  There are so many occasions where this would work perfectly.

Another thing that’s super unique about this nail polish is that it’s also free from nasty chemicals like toluene and DBP, as well as being completely cruelty free and vegan.  If you’re going to buy nail polish, you might as well do it knowing you’re helping out a few furry friends at the same time, right?

If you like the idea or just want a bit more info, checkout the Say It With Polish’ website.


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