In our kitchens, we have a simple and useful mantra: waste not, want not. We’re always looking for new, creative and nutritious ways to use up scraps whether it’s freezing leftover green smoothies into ice cubes or using overripe bananas to make sweet banana bread. But one of our favourite things to make that uses up odds and ends from the kitchen is bone broth. Yep, bone broth. And trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Bone broth is like a homemade stock, except that it's a rich and savoury broth without all of the sodium or flavour additives that you often find in store bought varieties. Like the kind you get at your local butcher for cheap as chips. This is one superfood trend that won’t break the bank. Perfect as a base for soups (like Pho), casseroles, stews or you can even use it in place of oil when cooking. Veggies stir-fried in this wonder broth taste insanely delicious.

So what’s the benefit of bone broth? Well, it’s rich in gelatin which is great for healing a lot of issues like gut sensitivity, joint pain and even poor sleep. It keeps your immune system fighting fit too which is especially important in the cooler months. You can add whatever yummy veggies and herbs you like for a comforting and highly nutritious meal that tastes great. Plus it’s good for skin, hair, nails and cellulite (woop woop!) so it’s a beauty food too!


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