We're pretty sure you guys all know that we love our beauty brands, so it probably doesn't come as any surprise that whenever we find out about some new gorgeous goodies in the beauty world, we spend a good day or so (*this may be a huuuuge underestimate hahahaha) in the office high fiving each other, discussing the ins and outs of the look and feel, from the packaging to the product itself to the price point and what we think our readers will love about it.

So this was basically what happened when we discovered some new Givenchy products that we think you will just looooove. They are a part of the Matissime Velvet and Les Saison collections and we are here to tell you that all of the products are as luxurious, silky smooth and radiant as you can imagine. It's not surprising though because, well... Givenchy.

Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy’s makeup artist extraordinaire and one of our BFFs (not really, but we can dream, right?! Hahaha) was inspired by the texture of velvet, to create an innovative matte foundation that is long lasting and incomparably radiant. And we are pretty certain that Nicolas nailed it with this one.

Here's the lowdown on each of the products:

Givenchy Matissime Velvet Compact: A super soft and velvety powder that neutralises shine so that you're left with a matte complexion. It's enriched with Black Cumin oil, which is renowned for its purifying benefits.

Givenchy Matissime Velvet Foundation: Oooh it's so light and feels beautiful on the skin - the Matissime Velvet Foundation leaves a luminous, yet matte finish on the skin. This one will last you all day long. It's enhanced by ginger and cinnamon extracts to help tighten pores. Plus it works to conceal small imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores. Yaaaas!

Givenchy Matissime Beauty Blender: The unique cone shape of the Beauty Blender helps to provide full and even coverage of your face.

Next up: the all important lippie.

This is the semi-matte Coral Gypsophila Lipstick from the Les Saison range. It’s the most vibrant coral we've seen, and as we head into winter, it’s perfect to cheer up those gloomy and mind-numbingly freezing days! Because these lippies are limited edition, they also come in the cutest aqua blue, genuine leather case. To be perfectly honest, these lippies won’t even see the bottom of our makeup drawers because they’ll always be displayed so everyone can stand around and admire them ha ha!

And last but definitely not least, mascara:

Made to stand out in an intriguing Blue Ink colour, the Encre A Cils Mascara is a limited edition and we can definitely see why. Sometimes mascara can be left behind in terms of the latest and greatest trends and we are the first ones to admit that we usually resort back to our old faves (black or... black! hahaha!) when we’re applying our makeup in the morning. With Etre A Cils though, we are excited to step up our game and experiment with this bold colour, which will makes eyes pop and will leaves lashes looking and feeling healthier thanks to the enriching mother of pearl it contains.

You can pick up these products exclusively at Sephora - our only warning is that you get in quick sticks, before we go and buy them all!


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