I've been obsessed with avocado since the day I was born! Okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration but I seriously love them.

From sushi rolls, to salads, smoothies, and guacamole – who doesn’t love avocado?! It’s also packed with nutritional benefits like potassium (more than bananas!), folate, vitamins K, C, B5, B6, and E. Delicious AND healthy… um, yes please! We even have an avocado tree at our family's holiday house - we can't go on holidays and not have avocaods!

I recently discovered this super cute DIY to grow your own avocado plant and whilst this plant won't produce any fruit it makes a gorgeous bit of greenery to keep in your kitchen or on your desk. We currently have two growing in the SWIISH office to add a touch of freshness to our HQ.

This DIY is earthy, minimal, super easy and even uses the avocado pit you would generally throw out!


  • A small vase, glass or jar
  • Wooden toothpicks (strong ones!)
  • Water
  • Avocado pit (seed)
  • Sunshine
  • Windowsill (or sunny spot to sit it in)


1.   When you’re slicing into the avocado and about to remove the seed, don’t remove the seed as you “normally” would by striking it quick with a sharp knife and turning it out- you’ll want to gently remove it with your hand not damaging the seed itself with any knife.

2.   Rinse the avocado seed with water leaving no avocado flesh on it.

3.   Using 3 toothpicks, visually “cut” the seed into thirds to get a good location to poke the toothpick into the avocado seed. Gently poke each toothpick into the side of the seed, make sure you do this on an even level so the toothpicks will lay flat.

4.   Gently rest the seed now with toothpicks in it, into the small glass. Fill the glass with water to where the water reaches about half way up the seed.

5.   You’ll refill the water anytime it needs it, to always keep the water about half up the seed. Set in the sunniest place in your home, in my home it’s the kitchen window and I check on it everyday!

It can take up a month for this to sprout so remember... patience is a virtue haha!

*Original DIY here