Hey SWIISH readers, let's admit it... we all get dandruff from time to time. Yep, keeping my hair shiny, smooth and flake free all at the same time is something of an uphill battle.  

Firstly, my hair is naturally quite curly and brittle, and needs a lot of TLC to get it looking good.   Plus with my role on TV, I go through about an hour of hair and makeup before I go on air. That means blow drying, curling or straightening and loads of product – mousse, volumiser and hairspray to name just a few. Then add to that a pretty hectic schedule with and being a mum racing around after a 4 year old and I think you get my drift….  Yep, those poor locks can come off worse for wear!

I used to always reach for those super intense ‘anti-breakage’ or ‘shine enhancing’ shampoos.  The only issue was, these did nothing for flaking.  And if I tried anti-dandruff shampoos, my hair was left dry, dull and totally out of control.  It was a lose-lose situation… 

So recently I came across a new range from head & shoulders. Yep, the brand that we all know is synonymous with anti-dandruff shampoos. Except the new range, which is called the Beautiful Hair Collection, is about much more than that. Yes it tackles my dandruff, same as the original – but surprisingly, it also gives me super glossy, healthy hair. 

There are three shampoos in the range, and the one I’ve been using is called Damage Rescue – it reduces hair breakage and fixes damage, dullness and dryness. Plus in true head & shoulders style, it leaves hair up to 100% dandruff free.  It’s so good to not have to choose between repairing my brittle, dry strands or being flake free, or having glossy, shiny hair. 

From the first week that I used Damage Rescue, I was super surprised by how strong my hair felt, how much softer and more moisturised it was, as well as how shiny it looked. So even as I’m still doing daily blowdrying, straightening and styling with tonnes of product for my TV role, Damage Rescue has been a lifesaver for my locks.

One of the other shampoos in the range is also a goodie. It’s the Glossy Colour Shampoo. I’ve got a few girlfriends who have been asking advice about what I think they should be using for their hair. They aren’t struggling with thickness or strength but they do get a regular colour and want to preserve it without it going dull (or at the other end of the spectrum, brassy), and all the while keeping their locks in top condition. A couple of them do suffer from dandruff which they worry is noticeable given that they, like me, have darker hair. So, I’ve suggested the Glossy Colour Shampoo because it’s designed to protect colour but still leaves hair gorgeous, shiny and flake-free.

The head and shoulders Beautiful Hair Collection hits the luxe for less mark, at $12.49 a pop. What is so awesome about this is that the shampoos are an all-in-one. I don’t need to stock up on anti-dandruff shampoos and salon style shampoos. So I’m saving money and also precious time. 

The Beautiful Hair Collection is available at major supermarkets, pharmacies, and grocery stores.  You can also buy it online right here.

Head to the head and shoulders website or Facebook page for more info.