We’re going to let you in on a little secret… we have a massive girl crush on Magdalena Roze. Her bohemian style, from fashion to food, has us lusting over her idyllic country lifestyle on the far north coast of NSW in Byron Bay. If you’ve ever scrolled through Magdalena’s Instagram, you would have seen the colourful, nourishing and wholesome food that she makes for her bubba, Archie, and her chef extraordinaire hubby, Darren. Now, she is letting us all in on a little secret by sharing all of her favourite recipes in her new book, Happy & Whole.

We were lucky enough to receive a copy and we have both gone through it marking all the recipes we can’t wait to try (hint: every page is marked haha!). Inspired by all things weather-related, Magdalena says that she can’t help but see life through a weather lens (being a meteorologist will do that to you!). Weather and food are two universal things that bring people together so she has created her cookbook to reflect that, with each section being dedicated to a distinct weather pattern.

Adding little nuggets of wisdom in between recipes about living a happy and whole life, Magdalena has set out her recipes under Sunrise, Sunny, Humid, Cloudy and Rainy.

Sunrise is all about seizing the day, new beginnings and being nourished so it makes sense that what we eat in the morning needs to foster these elements. Carrot cake porridge, buckwheat pancakes, waffles, Mexican omelettes and smoothies (you know we love our smoothies!!) are some of the recipes you will find in Happy & Whole to help kick start your day.

We think we can all agree that sunny days are made for picnics at the park, lazy days at the beach and long walks around the neighbourhood with friends and family so light and uplifting dishes are key. Cauliflower pizza with zucchini pesto, falafel, salads, dips and desserts make up the recipes to make us feel happy and hopeful.

Humid days remind us of long summers, where we’d spend the day at the beach before returning home to watch the afternoon storm roll in. It’s on these days that we’d be craving tropical drinks, seafood, ice creams from the local corner store and the refreshing flavours of chilli and ginger. Magdalena features recipes for all of our humid day cravings in Happy & Whole, which now just makes us want to head to the beach ASAP!

As we head into winter, the cloudy days are inevitable, which leaves us wanting hearty soups, rich casseroles and silky smooth pasta and you can bet your bottom dollar that Magdalena gives us all of those plus more!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than spending the whole day in the kitchen on a rainy day while our fave chick flick plays on the telly in the background. Now on these rainy days, we can cook baklava spelt rolls, pumpkin bread, healing chicken broth and brownies thanks to Happy & Whole.

Thank you Magdalena for keeping our bellies full and happy all year round – no matter what the weather is like!


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