Is hitting the gym not exactly your idea of “fun”? Believe it or not, it’s not ours either! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about keeping fit and healthy… but if we told you we just loooved ditching our cosy covers at the crack of dawn for a bit of Crossfit or HIIT, we’d be lying… big time.  Ha ha!  Hey, we’re human too.

The reality is, finding the motivation to exercise is a struggle that many of us face.  But getting out of bed to burn calories and sweat it out is much easier than you think if you’re having fun!  Which is exactly why we have been so excited to tell you about to this incredible new, FUN workout plan. Yes, FUN!

It’s called ‘Body of Dance’ by Rachael Finch and seriously you guys, it is amazing!  If you haven’t heard of it before, Body of Dance is an energetic, four-week online lifestyle program that offers an awesome combination of dance-inspired workouts, healthy meal plans and peaceful meditations.  Exactly what you would expect the gorgeous Rachael to offer.

We’ve always been huge fans of Rachael.  As a certified Health Coach, TV presenter, author, dancer and mother, she really does it all!  Her philosophy about life, health and happiness is truly something to be admired and we always love hearing about her latest work.  

We checked out the ‘Body of Dance’ February program, and not only are the dance workouts super fun, but they really get your heart pumping as well.  You'll sweat and laugh at the same time… a rare occurrence.  Ha ha!  The aim is that you'll feel a lot fitter, as well as more flexible and coordinated - love that!

Having authored several recipe books and healthy living plans ourselves, we can really appreciate the effort that went into creating balanced, healthy meals as well.  Her philosophy isn’t about giving up food you love, but just learning to love new foods as well and enjoying everything in moderation.

We also think it’s really cool how the program incorporates weekly mindful meditations that help to relax your mind, along with creative mindfulness activities like drawing and writing.  This means on top of feeling fit and nourished, you get a bit of relaxation in there as well.

The February ‘Body of Dance’ program is almost over but registration for March is now open!  The program will commence on March 6th.  You can head to www.bodybyfinch.com to register today.  

On top of the workout program, Rachael has also released a new book (is there anything this girl can’t do??) It’s called ‘Happy Healthy Strong’ and it’s all about looking and feeling great, inside and out.  On top of over 85 delicious, healthy recipes, the book also includes a two-week vitality plan to kickstart your health, inspiring wellness principles, mindfulness advice, inspiring affirmations and a whole lot of other tips and tricks for living a better life.

Click here to order one online.


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