I Quit Sugar: Week 2 Diary

Ok so I've just finished my second week of Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar program and I think I went pretty well this week... I mean how can you not go well when you're directed to eat fat all week long?! Whoa... rewind! Eating fat?!

If you're thinking that part of the reason I'm quitting sugar is to lose weight, you're right. So if that's the case, then why would I be eating fat? In actual fact, this is exactly where many people go wrong, as it's not all fats that make us gain weight, but rather sugar. I won't go too much into the how and and why but basically our bodies are designed to metabolise 'good' (i.e. unprocessed) fats much better than they do sugar and so we can eat those good fats without stacking on the kg's. Pretty sure that's cause for celebration!

So this week I've replaced sugar with fat and have had a great time doing it! I took a leaf from Sarah's book and ate lots of grilled haloumi (YUM... I love this concept of putting haloumi on skewers, as in the shot below), toasted nuts, greek yoghurt (the full-fat, non-flavoured type) and nut butter.

This week's tip: I made sure I carried a tub of nut butter with me so I could enjoy a teaspoon once The Daily Edition has finished filming and I'm starting to hit that afternoon wall of tiredness - this is when I'm generally susceptible to chowing down something sugary. For me, almond butter really seems to hit the spot. You can buy it from supermarkets or health food stores.

I also made meals that I knew would satisfy me as they were slightly on the fatty (good fats side) and full of flavour, like my crispy skin duck with chilli mint dressing and a merguez sausage and bean cassoulet (see pics below, we'll publish the recipes later this week on swiish, so stay tuned). Basically the whole idea behind this is that fat is meant to fill us up so we can't gorge on it (although I sure do try... hahaha!). 

I've also been keeping up my green smoothies but am leaving out the fruit as per the program and I am slowly starting to enjoy the taste. I always add in some avocado and tahini or nut butter for both flavour and a smooth consistency and am finding that the smoothies still really help to curb cravings.

So at the end of Week 2 I am feeling like I am starting to get the hang of no sugar. Increasing the amount of good fats in my diet has helped to control any serious sugar cravings I've had however it is still early days so I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet! 

How is everyone else going? What have you been doing to combat cravings?  

If you want to sign up, it's not too late and you have the added advantage of knowing all the best tips and tricks to help make quitting the sweet stuff that much easier! Click on the book banners below to purchase your copy!

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