I Quit Sugar: Week 6

Can’t believe I’m already at the end of Week 6 of quitting sugar….  Apart from the fact that I had a bit of a blowout with my lolly binge last week I think I’ve done an okay job so far and I’m feeling pretty good this week. I haven’t been waking up as stuffy or congested (not sure if that’s down to no sugar but I’ve definitely noticed it more lately) and my skin looks brighter sans make up so that’s definitely a plus!

On the downside, the IQS book says that by now our bodies should be able to tell us if we’re ready to put some sugar back into our diets by means of low-fructose fruit or natural sweeteners like stevia. I’d like to think I am ready but because I kind of lapsed with that bag of lollies last week means that I don’t feel I am ready to only eat sugar in controlled amounts. So I’ve been sticking to my absolutely no sugar (still no fruit) rules. 

But that said, I've followed the IQS book to a T and eaten just about everything coconut you can ingest! So this week has been all about the coconut. I used coconut oil in almost all my cooking and I've been using coconut water in my smoothies (if I've had fresh coconuts, I scrape out the flesh and eat on its own or add to the smoothies), or as a drink when I feel like something a little sweet. Toasted coconut mixed in with nuts is excellent for beating the afternoon munchies, but my absolute favourite was the coconut ice-cream I made using my Yonanas this week with a mix of frozen coconut cream, shredded coconut, cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with toasted coconut. It was actually so delicious and entirely sugar free!! 

I did slip up this week when Marcus brought home Thai takeaway. You’d assume that seeing as it was mostly vegetables in the takeaway, there wouldn’t be much sugar - but unfortunately most Thai dishes call for a heap of palm sugar. I knew this and decided to eat it anyway. It was late, I was tired and the thought of even scrambling some eggs was too much so I just ate it. And yes I devoured it. Although this one meal didn’t lead to some crazy binge on sugar (I kept envisioning myself as Miranda from that Sex and The City episode where she can’t stop eating the cake so she throws it in the bin and douses it in washing-up detergent to make sure she doesn’t take one more bite), I could definitely taste the sweetness of the palm sugar and wasn’t sure if I loved it.  I’m thinking that maybe next week I can start to add some sweetness back in, like adding some banana or pear to my morning green smoothie.

How is everyone else going? Are you adding some sweetness back in or leaving it out for now?  

You can catch up on my other I Quit Sugar diaries here and remember it's never too late to start quitting sugar so click on the book banners below to get your copy of I Quit Sugar!


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